Dr. Nick Gardner 


My journey to becoming a chiropractor started 8 years ago. I had just graduated from university. I took a job at a metal fabrication plant in Ontario, Canada and wasn't enjoying life. I worked the night shift from 8pm-8am and it nearly destroyed me. In a short amount of time, my back was breaking down. I turned to a chiropractor for help. My experience was great and I opened up to the chiropractor. He proposed chiropractic as a career option. That moment was a true epiphany for me. It changed my life. I enrolled back in college to get the prerequisites I was missing and 9 months later I was accepted into New York Chiropractic College. Now that I'm in practice I can absolutely say I made the right choice. 


I am the chiropractor and owner of Lakeview Chiropractic and Wellness. I specialize in treating low back pain and sciatica. I have successfully treated hundreds of low back patients to full resolution of pain and symptoms. It is my mission to bring excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of low back conditions to the region.

I have a four-step method to treat back pain treatment

1) Identify the aggravating factors and correct them 

2) Pain reduction and resolution

3) Rebuild strength and muscular endurance 

4) Teach self-care and performance


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