• Nick Gardner DC

There is No Magic

In this world of commercialization and advertisement we are often presented with a seemingly magical intervention. We see an ad for a diet pill with a model who looks like some kind of greek demi-god and think, "yes I want to look like that also." However, that pill didn't get that model to look in perfect shape and in fact the model hasn't eaten for 3 days, the picture is airbrushed and lighted to accentuate muscles. The same is true in healthcare. Pharmaceuticals are not magic, and chiropractic is not magic. A fundamental paradigm shift needs to happen in regards to healthcare in this country. Too many people are satisfied with the prescription of a drug or even the promise of a effortless intervention to influence their health. I'm not talking about people with rare, serious conditions. I'm referring to things like acquired diabetes and obesity. Magic changes don't exist. Almost every positive outcome requires a lot of self-management, effort and time. For example, a knee surgery will seem magical, they fix the knee right? Wrong. If that person does not address what caused the bad knee in the first place they will be getting surgery on their hip very soon. Let's consider another case. A doctor gives you a prescription that stops your back from being painful. Great right? Not so great. Often times pharmaceuticals work by blocking the antecedent process. Think of a stream. If I wanted to use the land the stream dumps into I need to stop the water. So I logically dam up the stream, but what happens then. The water builds up and creates new pathways and new streams. Before I know it, I have more problems on my hands. The body works in a similar manner.

You might say, "well whats the harm in people believing in effortless interventions?" When we think magic exists, we don't change. Diabetics, for the most part, don't change because insulin exists. If a doctor were say change your habits or die vs take this insulin forever, I think almost everyone could change their eating and exercise habits. Many doctors have completely walled off the preventative side of healthcare, leaving prevention of disease and promotion of good health to non-medical professionals. Since the medical profession has checked out as a group, happy to receive a paycheck for signing prescription pads, we need to change ourselves. No one can offer you real change without hard work. We need to accept our burden of self-care and our diseases of excess. This mindset can be applied to everything in our life once we adapt it. It doesn't matter who the president is. If you need a job, then you need to get a skill and go get a job. President Trump isn't going to get you a job or fix healthcare. We are responsible for ourselves. Don't look to magic cures or interventions to fix your problems. If it feels too easy, if it feels like magic, then it likely is not going to last. Magic doesn't exist.

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